Tea Etiquette – how do you do yours?

Bushells - the cuppa that connects: fuel a conversation with friends with a brew created especially for Aussies

The word etiquette refers to rules of behaviour and manners relating to social acceptance.

Of course, the act of drinking tea has its own etiquette, mainly because the British weren’t happy having a cuppa without making a career out of it.

In Australia over many years, these etiquette traditions have evolved, just like we have.

And you thought all you had to do was put the kettle on.

Bushells have identified all the little ins and outs of how Australians like their tea and deliver this knowledge to you in all of their products, which is why they have developed the new Australian Breakfast Tea; a rich, smooth premium tea blended for Australian tastes… you could say it’s our cup of tea.

We carried out, an exciting survey, ‘The Bushells Barometer,‘ to find out exactly how Australians like to drink their tea.

According to our Bushells Barometer:

A massive 76 percent of Australians prefer to drink their tea without a saucer

The majority of the nation (50 percent) enjoy ‘dunking’ cake or biscuits into their tea with guests

Australians have also proudly abandoned the formal ‘British’ style of entertaining. Only 18 percent of respondents still have a room specifically designed for hosting guests – suggesting Aussies now prefer to connect and enjoy a social cup of tea with their friends in a relaxed, laidback setting

More than half the nation (58 percent) agrees catching up over a cup of tea is still the best forum for sharing stories and anecdotes

The majority of the nation is still neighbour-friendly, with 58 percent of Australians claiming they would invite a new neighbour in for a cup of tea or a drink

64 percent of the Australians believe it is rude to leave the television on when entertaining guests over a cup of tea.

From the look of things, tea drinking, one of the last bastions of British Imperialism appears to have been ‘Australianised.’

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