About Bushells - Our Cuppa Since 1883

Australia’s first tea company, Bushells have brewed full flavoured conversations and friendships for over 130 years

Bushells has a long tradition of bringing Australians together for a good chat over a great cuppa, blended especially for Aussie tastes. We’ve been part of Australian life since 1883, and proud to be a familiar icon that Aussies have grown up with – a delicious taste of home.



It all began with Alfred ‘The Tea Man’ Bushell. An enterprising fellow, Mr Bushell was a tea dealer who moved up to Brisbane in 1883 after the death of his wife, Agnes – a daughter of the famous Brooke tea family. There he opened his very first tea shop, selling his own distinctly delicious, full-flavoured tea. He was onto something as word quickly spread about this smooth over-the-counter brew, and business boomed.

A family business, Alfred’s sons Walter and Phillip took his tasty tea to Sydney to trade as Bushells and Company – the Tea Men. Quickly, they expanded from a roadside stall to selling tea wholesale, to become Australia’s very first tea company, with their first Melbourne branch opening soon after.

By 1902 the Bushells clan were established tea traders. But a family rift had emerged. In 1903, the company was split amicably between Alfred in Queensland, and his sons in Sydney and Melbourne. But, when Alfred retired in 1908, he gave his sons the Queensland business.


After Alfred’s death in 1910, Bushells Ltd was registered as a public company – and rapidly expanded into Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia. This quick growth led to cash flow problems however – and the bank was unwilling to help.

Phillip was worried, so he brought his staff together to share the situation and his fears. But, the Bushells community spirit was strong: employees chipped in from their own finances to help, opting to be paid back in shares rather than cash – ending up very well off.

Bushells Tea staff 1910

Bushells Tea The Rocks Sydney site 1970


In 1920 Bushells bought land in todays The Rocks area of Sydney. Here they built a seven storey factory that housed progressive new blending and packing methods, plus Bushells HQ. The building remained with Bushells for over 40 years, and is still an iconic part of Sydney’s story today.

Bushells continued to boom – moving into New Zealand in 1937 by personally offering every housewife on the electoral roll a half a pound of tea, free. The generosity paid off – as Bushells became a huge player in the NZ tea market.


Part of Aussie life for 125 years, bringing people together for a good chat and a great cuppa is our passion – which is why we support and reinvest in organisations that help ordinary Australians.

We are extremely proud of our association with the road safety program Driver Reviver, now over 15 years strong. Australia-wide, volunteers known as Driver Revivers generously give their time to provide a safe place to stop, with free cups of tea and biscuits to combat driver fatigue and help Australians reach their destination safely.

Bushells Driver Reviver



Tasty tea created especially for Aussie palates is something we at Bushells take very seriously. Since Alfred began, and still today, Bushells is committed to creating a high quality cuppa, with the full flavour Australians know and love.

We now offer four great-tasting blends, for any time of day, using high quality tea carefully selected from plantations across the world. Our classic Blue Label is a well-rounded, full-flavoured brew, also available in Bushells Extra Strong for even more taste. Our new Australian Breakfast is a rich and smooth morning cuppa, for a robust G‘Day. You can now end your day with us too: Our Bushells Evening Decaffeinated has all the flavour Aussies have grown up with – but won’t keep you up all night.

So why not brew a Bushells, sit back and enjoy – knowing that generations of craftsmanship and heart has gone into our carefully created, much loved, cuppa.

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