Photo of people walking through a tea field

Bushells Tea

Australia's great conversations all start the same way...

"Hang on a sec. I'll put the kettle on"
Because when the Bushells is flowing, so's the conversation.

But the trick is choosing which particular Bushells Tea you want to enjoy with your chin wag.

Have you tried our new Bushells Australian Breakfast tea? It has a deliciously rich, and smooth taste, it's premium tea, our way.

For a full-bodied taste, how about a cup of our signature blend 'Blue Label' tea?

If you like your tea strong, enjoy Bushells Extra Strong tea.

Or if you prefer loose leaf tea in a pot or plunger, Bushells have leaf tea available in 'Blue Label', Extra Strong blends and Supreme Blend.

Has the kettle boiled yet?

Bushells Tea